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Queen LewlinX's Queendom

Blue Unicorn's Castle (Unicornio Azul)

25 March
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Welcome To My Queendom!

Some rules to play by:

LJ layout

Before you think of adding me: read this info page and my interests.
The only way you'll be added is if you leave a comment. Still interested? Go here
I dont particularly like drama, especially in my LJ, so, if you decided to join my group of friends there's one more thing to remember...
Try to have fun, that's why we're all here for.


In case you were wondering...

I live, speak and dream in Spanish, English & French almost all the time but not in that particular order.

I’m older than I would like to be right now, but it seems I’m still lucky and look younger than I really am. Luckier because I feel younger and that makes me happy.

I love my family -the one I was born into and the one that has joined me along the ride- my friends, footballers…for the rest just look at my interests.

I tend to be a perfectionist, obsessive, workaholic, dreamer, Witch, Pirate, Vampire, fan.

I am not average

And no matter what, at the end of the day I AM LewlinX, LX, The Provider, Iron Jenny Flint, Lindie for some, Linda for others.

Or simply, just me.


I also like to play with some of my favourite wizards, if you like wizards too, come visit seaislewitch, redvelvetcanopy and myself at:


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Some of my loves and obsessions...

madrid is love
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Hogwarts House

You are a RAVENCLAW!
As a Ravenclaw and as an NFP, you value
imagination, ideas and intelligence. You are
probably somewhat of an individualist and avoid
conforming just for its own sake. You are
insightful and perceptive, and since you are
empathetic and value harmony, you usually try
to avoid conflict. Of course, you may enjoy
participating in heated debates, but only as
long as they remain on an intellectual level
and not a personal level. In general, you are
open-minded and curious, and set high standards
for yourself.

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Some of you might have heard about Gramma, right? Well, here she is..


Gramma LewX.
Macro gift by quinnscousin
Thanks, SimbaQui!

Gramma's kids have said...

Sean says:
so I said: cleck: a twat who thinks she has friends on LJ

Mary Lupin: tonks who?! says:

Steph - 1 month, 3 weeks, 3 days! says:
Friending Gramma was like abstaining from sex until you met that one human girl that smells like bacon, but you wait, and wait some more. Until one day, you marry her, then you strip off in the sea, have beach sex and by some miracle, a baby is made. There are trials and tribulations along the way, but in the end all works out well when Gramma is around, because as I was saying, Friending Gramma was like having a Nessie. You didn't expect something so awesome to ever come into your life, but when it does you'll fight to the death, and flirt with random fraud dealers to keep her.

The Adventures of Flish and Nannners says:
Before I friended Gramma I was the dorky kid at a new school. Then I friended Gramma, the grown up who totes makes me realize I'm important and she boosts my confidence in myself until I take down all the bullies who made me feel bad....in a hail of ninja battle.

Qui does Graphics says:
Friending Gramma is like getting a constant update as to what my future will be like. It will include moved red couches, yummy burger dinners, dreams of CamStew and Emmett, futbol, and a Lion King moodtheme.


Gracias! Merci! Thanks! go to:

seaislewitch for creating and runing romancingwizard and for designing our banner. Having you as my main supporter and friend is in itself a gift, I love you!
redvelvetcanopy for giving Iron Jenny Flint an exciting and adventure-filled life. She has got to be my most daring alter-ego! Along with SIW you are the best supporter anyone could ask for, I love you!
authoress_susan for the new layout banner and color scheme. Your class and elegance shows in everything you do!. Thank you, my dear friend!
the_4got10 for designing my info banner. You know how exclusive I am and I love you for it! And there's no denying you are a great pup! Luv, mum.
make_me_irish for the F.O. banners on both my layout and profile.
nyaza for the gorgeous Emmett banner! Es un placer contar contigo entre mis amistades y en ratos de diversion!
deanandsam for the awesome HP banners!
wikked_angel_78 for the Being Human MT!
30 minute meals, aerosmith, african american litertature, alice cullen, animals, anime, art, arthur weasley, avatars, bella swan, bellatrix lestrange, bill weasley, blaise zabini, blue devils, bobby flay, bon jovi, books, botero, boy kill boy, calderon de la barca, camstew, caribbean, carlisle cullen, carlos fuentes, carnival music, celtas cortos, charlie weasley, cheese, colin firth, computers, cross stitch, dark mark, dog whisperer, dogs, douglass college, draco malfoy, edward cullen, egypt, el canto del loco, emmett cullen, esme cullen, everyday italian, fernandez de moratin, fernando morientes, food network, fox terriers, fred weasley, gabriel garcia marquez, game boy, george weasley, ginny weasley, golden age literature, golden age theater, green day, harry potter, henri matisse, hermione granger, history, hombres g, ipod, isabel allende, jane austen, japan, jasper cullen, keane, kstew, la oreja de vangogh, lenticular clouds, literature, lope de vega, lucius malfoy, luna lovegood, madrid, magic, mana, manga, minerva mcgonagall, miro, molly weasley, mondrian, motorcycles, movies, music, narcissa malfoy, ncaa basketball, neville longbottom, nicaragua, nintendo, nyc, nymphadora tonks, pansy parkinson, photography, picasso, piet mondrian, pirates of the caribbean, puerto rico, quevedo, razorlight, reading, real madrid, red, regulus black, remus lupin, rodolphus lestrange, ron weasley, rosalie cullen, rutgers university, scarlet knights, sirius black, soccer, spain, sudoku, sushi, tar heels, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tetris, the burrow, the kooks, transformers, traveling, twilight, unc chapel hill, valencia cf, velazquez, video games, voldemort, weasley family, weasley twins, will smith, william shakespeare, witches, wizards, writing


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